It Was Not My 20-forte

Hey look at that, it’s 2015 and I never gave the worldwide web my 2014 year in review. Using’s Your Year In Review worksheet (with some altercations), I will rehash the best and worst times of 2014 as a fallen in love freshman who evolved into a single sophomore as the year flew by.

5 Greatest Things That Happened In The Past Year

  1.  Became a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi
  2.  Pay raise at my job.
  3.  Worked along side my Dad this winter (kinda)
  4.  Christmas!
  5.  Became a Rowdy Ram and went to VCU basketball games (Go Rams!)

Honorable mention: Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire was released.

I am most proud of these three accomplishments from last year:

  1. Brother of PSP – tried something new/came out of my shell/became social.
  2. Webmaster of PSP – gaining leadership skills, promoting PSP and becoming more familiar with social media.
  3. -i don’t really know-

Three great lessons I’ve learned from last year are:

  1. Appreciate everyone in your life before they are gone – This goes for Olive, friends I had in high school and boyfriends which each had bad times, but I’ll only remember the good memories. But this is especially certain for family members. This winter I think I became closer to my dad than ever before. It’s been a great bonding session between father and daughter and we will be “business partners” forever.
  2. Realize when it is time to release yourself from something toxic – basically, learn when to quit. The relationships I was in this year – one fake, one real – were both pretty inflammatory to my health, education and social life. Both were “online” but my love was very real for each. I guess I’m naive when it comes to relationships – I was so blinded by love I didn’t see who I was really in love with. I thank my family and friends for pulling me out before I vanished into inseparable lust. Moral of the story – take a step back from your relationship and see who the person really is. Mine was manipulative and jealous.
  3. Take chances, but think before you act. Good chance taking = rushing Phi Sigma Pi. Bad chance taking = planning secret meetings with your boyfriend. #NeverAgain #SorryMomAndDad #ILoveYou

If I could do things again last year, I would do these three things differently:

  1. Never have planned a secret rendezvous with the then boyfriend. Again, sorry mom and dad.
  2. Paid attention to when the fall housing application opened. I realized too late and got stuck in a far away dorm instead of the one I really wanted.

Three things I need to do less of in the next year are:

  1. Less distractions. I only want to focus on education, Phi Sigma Pi, Pokemon, blogging, all of my television  programs, painting..
  2. Less boys. Boys are just distractions.
  3. Less procrastinating. Yeah, I always say I’m best when I’m down to the wire pressured for the assignment due in thirty minutes, but it’s best to have it done three hours before the deadline. Let’s get it together 2015 Sam.

Three things I need to do more of in the next year are:

  1. More blogging. I really enjoy this – it keeps a record of my life, it’s healthy, I can express myself and I like getting views and stuff. 🙂
  2. Exercise. I have not gotten down to my goal weight of last year, which I think I’m 20 lbs shy of. Again, let’s get it together 2015 Sam.
  3. More selfies and celebrating Sam. This shall be the year of Sam: the single Phi Sigma Pi Webmaster who is a Broadcast Journalism major and takes on her second semester as a seeking sophomore.

Three goals I want to achieve this next year are:

Just off the top of my head in no particular order..

  1. Climb the rock wall at the Cary St. Gym.
  2. Go to a Christmas/Halloween/New Year’s Eve party.
  3. Get all As or bring my GPA to a 3.5

One sentence that sums up this past year:

Mom and dad know best.

ULTIMATELY, let’s get it together 2015 Sam.

just a little side note for pokemon-

My first team in 2015 was :

Amadeus the Gloom, Eta the Pelipper, Zeta the Manectric, Elliot the Sceptile, Beauquet the Roselia and Acrobat the Gyarados. We were training for the defeat of Wallace at Sootopolis gym.


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