Much To Do About Types pt.1

Currently there are 18 types in the Pokemon realm. Because I have been playing Pokemon X and Omega Ruby and there is downtime at work, I will give my opinion on the best and worst types and include my favorite pokemon to use. These will also include the dual types. I will be using’s type chart for my analysis.


Normal is by far, in my opinion, the worst type of them all. It is not effective against anything, only does half damage against Rock and Steel and is inaffective against Ghost type. The total of Normal types, 99 (14% of the pokepopulation), are outnumbered by the total combination of Rock, Steel and Ghost types (149, 21%.) Additionally, Fighting type moves are super effective against Normal type’s defense. Fortunately there are only 42 Fighting moves compared to the 99 Normies, so they may have a chance in surviving the pokemon journey. On the bright side, Normies are impervious to Ghost type moves, which isn’t much considering there are only 18 attacks. Normal type seems to get the short end of the stick.stoutland

My favorite Normal/dual type pokemon is Stoutland, the big-hearted pokemon pup. It’s stats are great with a 90 defense and speed. It’s sp. attack is lacking at 45, but it is made up from having a 100 attack and all the learned moves are either physical or status enducing. The best TMs to teach your Stoutland would be moves like Dig and Wild Charge.


Fire has its ups and downs in type advantages. It is super effective against Grass, Bug, Ice and Steel and not very towards types like Dragon and Rock.  On the offensive, six move types are not as effective including Fairy and Fire. Keep your Fire Pokemon away from Water, Ground and Rock type moves, a total of 67 available, because they cause serious damage. Only 9% (62) of the pokepopulation are Fire/Dual type and it would be key to have a member of your team with a Fire type move when battling against Gym Leaders like Erika of Celadon City or Steven the Champion of the Pokemon League.

My favorite Fire/dual type Pokemon is Arcanine, the legendary pokemon. It’s attack and sp. attArcanineack are 100 and 110, making it an excellent attacker against those nasty bugs and and steel types. It lacks in defense and sp. defense, both being 80, but Arcanine’s 95 speed makes up for it’s small defenses so itcan easily dodge attacks and strike when the iron is hot 😉 The best TMs to teach your Arcanine would be moves like Overheat and Solar Beam (this is a hidden gem against a water type.)


With 17% of the pokepopulation being Water critters, these guys are pretty common but dominate against Fire, Ground and Rock types, which makes a quarter of the pokepopulation itself. Don’t plan on using your Squirtle against a Dragon (which oddly enough has a lot of weaknesses) or a Grass type ( I think Water moves should power up Grass types, because it is like watering the grass, making it stronger, but that’s just my personal opinion.) Water types have a good defense where Fire, Water, Ice and Steel (99 moves) are not as effective, where as Electric and Grass (64 moves) create double damage making less moves available to hurt you.

My favorite Water Pokemon is Feraligatr, the big jaw Pokemon. Unfortunately, it’s speed and sp. attack are lacking, but most of Feraligatr’s most powerful moves are all physical rather than feraligatr_by_hardvector-d31kausspecial. It’s defense and physical attack are over 100, which is all you need for a kick-butt Water starter and when Feraligatr learns Aqua Tail and Superpower, prepare for total domination against notable leaders like Clay of Driftveil City Gym or Grant of Cyllage City Gym. The best TMs for Feraligatr would be moves like Brick Break and Earthquake (which could be a surprise shake towards Electric foes.) Picture (c)

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