FINAL-ly Free

I’m doing a happy dance. You just can’t see it. Why am I doing this embarrassing happy dance? Because I’m finally free from final exams and it just feels great. I can work peacefully these coming weeks without the burden of studying hanging over my head. Now I can just write blogs all day. But of course I’ll pay attention to my job. I mean, you have to pay attention when you’re dealing with $326 worth in tickets.

I prepped for this history final today more than I did any other this semester. It was the one I was most scared about. I was stressin’ real hard and imagining the most invincible test that could not be broken by a little old sophomore like me.

But when I got it, I was surprised at how much I knew. Was this what the rewards of learning feel like? This exam was the one I feared the most, however I think this was the best test out of them all. I really need it too.

Rank time~~~~What I Think I Did Best On

  1. History 104 final- Reconstruction to the present day
  2. English literature -20th century novels
  3. History of Tech and Culture Essay
  4. Journalism final

It depresses me a bit to think I did the worst job on my journalism exam. I mean, it’s my major. I’m supposed to know this stuff front to back. But in my defense, if I had known that the exam would only last forty minutes, I would have studied instead of making a presentation for English before the exam. -sigh-

Here’s to a stress free break. 🙂

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