Mystery in Room 2003

It’s finals week, which I think I’ve made pretty apparent from my previous posts. I always go down to the second floor’s study room. It is always empty and quiet at this time of night and I usually am able to get more work done here than in the library.

The spot I usually settle down at was left by mongrels who ate and left their greasy mess for me to find with heavy dissatisfaction. I couldn’t even sit there. I just could. not. even.

I looked around for another spot but it just wasn’t the same. I felt (and still feel) lost without my usual spot. It’s like when you get to class and some stranger is sitting in the seat you’ve sat at the whole semester. Yeah, that feeling.

Besides the multiple places to sit in the study lounge, there is a conference room with big tables, a projector and many chairs. I was about to go in when I saw a video game on the projector screen. Some students were actually playing Modern Warfare at 1 AM in a study room. WHY? Play in your room please, some of us need to study.

I resorted to an uncomfortable plush chair and had been staring at that door for a while with some questions in mind.

Who exactly is in that room? Are they boys or girls?

Could it have the man of my dreams? Is it destiny for us to meet?

I’m tuckered and tired from studying for my literature exam tomorrow night, but I needed to see who the mysterious people were in the room.

I heard a laugh, a man’s laugh. Definitely some boys in there, don’t know how many.

About an hour had passed and then the lights flickered on. I braced myself for the figure to walk through the door. My eyes flew away from my computer to see a short Asian guy with glasses, a beanie and some bad facial hair appear from the doorway.

Wasn’t love at first sight.

Soon after he left, the door opened again to reveal a dark skinned Indian fellow wearing a grey and green hoodie, sweatpants and sandals. He left the study room and returned ten minutes later.

Didn’t get struck by Cupid.

I don’t know how many people are in there, but the lights are slightly dimmed now. However, I’ll keep you all updated. The lights were flicked off (seven minutes later.)

Guy #3 has abruptly left the room. Young, African and his pants were droopy. Uh, what was going on in there?

Kinda losing faith in this room..

I got bored and left. I guess love isn’t going to find me in room 2003.


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