Don’t Remember December

December is full of anticipation, fear, studiousness and hard work. This is the last week of classes and that means that finals are the week after.




I’m frightened. One class is calling for a six to eight page paper about the history of technology and then I have three other exams (History, Journalism and English Literature.)

I’m kind of worried about my history exam. There is no way I’ll be able to finish with an A for the semester, which is a total bummer and a hardship. According to my calculations, if I get a 100% on the last quiz, I have to get a 83% or above to finish the semester with a B. This means I’ll have to study my ass off, absorbing everything about Fidel Castro, the Korean War and FDR. The exam isn’t multiple choice, so don’t think I can just circle ‘C’. It’s all writing. Short answer, identification questions asking the five Ws (who, what etc.) and the short term/long term effects, one essay and then a cumulative essay of the things we’ve learned in the past. We have four hours to do this but I doubt that’s long enough. But I’ll just have to face facts when I’m sitting there staring at the stark white paper – if I don’t know it, I’ll never know it (but I will know it ’cause I’m going to study so hard.) Plus, it’s on my sister’s birthday, so while she is eating cake and having family time, I’ll be slowly spiraling into complete history nausea.

I have a journalism exam and the study guide is four pages long, front and back. I didn’t even hear half this stuff during the lecture – maybe it is in the textbook that I didn’t buy..

Finally, my English literature class. We have a six page paper due December 1st and my dearly sweet professor also wants to reward us for all our hard work with an exam. Yippee! Seriously? WHY? It’s okay. I’ll just study with my good friend Sparknotes and learn all of the hidden symbols, motifs and themes that I didn’t catch before.

After these next three weeks are over I can just sit back, relax and.. work. But that’s no big deal, because I love my job at the Altria Theater/Centerstage. As I like to say, I am a distributor of event management. Makes a ticket seller sound a bit more professional, huh?

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