Black Friday Finds

All three of us huddled in the silver station wagon, me in the driver’s seat, to embark on our Black Friday expedition. My mom said she always took pride in not participating in the hectic morning events, however, it all changed when we discovered the perks of Urban Outfitters’s Black Friday. If you have ever been to UO, you’d know that their merchandise is very pricey and their shopping bags are cute take home totes. BUT, sometimes their sale section is glorious (sometimes not so much.) I love UO. Their prints and fabrics and quality of clothing is really nice; is it worth buying top dollar? Only if you’re super in love whatever you want to buy.

This is why we go to UO snag the sale items for 50% OFF. In my BF haul I scored three necessities – a turtleneck, a skirt and a maxi cardigan.


gray turtlenek

Who: Kimchi

Price: $44 -> $30 -> $10 

I’ve never been one to buy turtlenecks. They would get too stuffy and clunky around my neck and I’d feel like it would give me a double chin. This is definitely the opposite. It is so smooth and thin, easy to slip on and never slip off. The neck isn’t tight at all, kind of casually droops. This is an essential piece to my wardrobe because it is versatile and warm. Definitely very comfy. I tried it on to show to my mom this afternoon and never took it off.. until I spilled my dessert onto it (which I was trying so hard not to do.) Let’s hope Zout gets rid of Oreo stains.

white skirt

Who: Ecote

Price: $59 -> $49 -> $10 -> $5

Pay no attention to the model and her see through sweater. The skirt is what this photo is all about. It is light and airy, very pretty, versatile and not a stark white, but a cream color. It is a bit short if I wear my skirt above my hips where I usually have it, but that is nothing a pair of leggings or tights cannot fix. But wow, look at that price difference tumbe

better maxi

Who: Ecote

Price: $59 -> $15 – $10

I am absolutely in love with this maxi cardigan. Mine is light and dark brown and is just marvelous. It is regal yet boho, indie yet professional. I can see myself on a veranda drinking cream soda with my friends. Everything about this screams beach and Autumn and the mall and a first date. I wish I bought seven of these to wear every day of the week. The fabric is a bit thin, so I’m afraid it could be delicate and knowing myself and all of the shenanigans I find myself in, my cardi is going to get a tear soon KNOCK ON WOOD.

We also stopped by Old Navy – my other favorite store. Old Navy was packed considering UO; there were only five shoppers here compared to the 43 at ON. There were many things I saw that I liked that I usually go for at ON: dresses, flannels, shirts and even some jeans. But this time something else caught my eye: a vest.


now dat vest doe

Who: Old Navy

Price: $28 -> $16

Like I said, I don’t usually pull a vest off the rack and think “I’m going to try this on.” Maybe I was trying to channel my inner Marty McFly and bring back the vest. This plaid Frost Free vest is so wonderfully warm, I just wish it had sleeves, which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole ‘vest’ thing. My only real criticism about it are the pockets. ON has a tendency to skimp out on pockets, which are kind of obnoxious because I keep all of my stuff in my jacket – I don’t carry purses – and if this is what I’m wearing for the day, where am I supposed to put my phone, keys, ID, wallet, pepper spray and water bottle?


Price: $12.94 -> $6.00

I also got this cute little hat at ON. It was on a whim, but I love hats and orange IS my favorite color so…

Original top price total: $202.94

With Black Friday discounts: $52.00 – $47.00

I am so ready for next year. 🙂


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