Bring on the Brothers

Well WordPress, it’s been a hell of a sophomore semester. Things have definitely changed since my last post. I am a free woman as of a week and a half ago. I was in a toxic, manipulative relationship where I decided the things that I had to endure were just stupid instances that I just didn’t need in my life.

I’m a sophomore in college. All I need are my supporters, my friends, my brothers.

YES. BRING ON THE BROTHERS. Who are these brothers? I have three letters for you: PSP.

The Alpha Sigma chapter of Phi Sigma Pi, a honor coeducational fraternity, has changed my entire existence at VCU. You can read about my tales and experience of my Freshman Feat in previous posts if you’re really interested, but here’s a summary: I was a sad little freshman with two friends who didn’t live on campus. I’d spend my nights in my bed on Habbo Hotel and watch cartoons.

When I returned to school this semester, my parents had told me to go out and meet people during Welcome Week. I tried and failed. But the warmest welcome I could have ever gotten was when I received an email from Phi Sigma Pi recruiters. I’ll admit, I didn’t feel like I’d have a chance in hell to be accepted into this fraternity. Me + Greek life = Watching reruns of ABC Family’s Greek and a bowl of chips on a Saturday morning. But as I would eventually learn, PSP wasn’t affiliated with the Greek system (and I’ll be honest, I was relieved.)

That week I went to all of the events they offered because I knew that I wanted to be in this fraternity after meeting most of the brothers at the open house. I met so many different and interesting people during the ice cream social and the mocktails night – I never knew so many college students had an affinity for Pokemon like I do. It was then I knew that I didn’t just want to be here, but I needed PSP.

Here is a little bullet version of my first semester at PSP:

  • Rushed during Phi Sigma Pi’s Recruitment Week
  • Later called back for a special Invite-Only event
  • Became a Phi Sigma Pi initiate
  • Showered with gifts during secret Big week to discover Kathryn, the sweetest girl to be my beloved Big
  • Took exams every Sunday to show dedication and will to learn the foundation and history of the honor fraternity of Phi Sigma Pi
  • Then after attending two social, service, fundraising, scholarship and philanthropy events of both the initiates and brotherhood, I was on my way to becoming a brother.
  • Studied long and hard for the final exam, which totally scared me, but in the end I scored with 104.6%
  • Made Kathryn an epic green paddle with her favorite things: leopard spots, bears and SPARKLES.
  • FINALLY, on November 16th, I became a brother through the induction ceremony.

I can look back a year ago and imagine myself in my bed, playing games on my computer. That’s someone who I once was, before Phi Sigma Pi found me. Today, I had a Thanksgiving dinner with 12 brothers and then went to the movies with six others to see the premiere of Mockingjay: Part 1. I’m a totally different person than last semester. I couldn’t thank my brothers of Phi Sigma Pi enough to accept my full quirky, silly, stupidly funny self. I’ve made friends that will last a cliche lifetime. empire psp vcu

*Empire – My family in PSP. #thebest #ihavebraids #sorry to anyone who sees this that doesn’t want to be in it, it’s not like you’re tagged. love you all. 🙂


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