Freshman 15 who?

It’s summertime and the only things I want to do are veg out on the couch, play Habbo Hotel on my laptop, and watch the new episode of Teen Wolf that I had missed on Monday night. However, some people (my parents) think that I’m spending my vacation the wrong way. I should be exercising and losing the calories that I’ve gained from shoveling sweet maui onion chips that were bought for my dad (that are by the way, DELICIOUS) down my gullet so that everything balances out. And…. I agree. 

*enter triumphant, inspiring speech theme song*

No longer shall I consume another handful of chips unless it is the suggested portion! No longer shall I lay in bed on my computer playing Neopets for unknown quantities of time! And by golly, no longer will I claim that I will run on the treadmill after dinner and then when it’s midnight feel sorry for myself cause I did not participate in any physical exercise that day.

*music ends*

I’ve always wanted to reach a certain goal weight of mine. This dream started last summer, before college. The dream also carried on to September, October and so on. But the dream was drastically put into action when I started using VCU’s awesometastic newly furnished, very expensive gymnasium. I remember using the stair masters, treadmills, and ellipticals; exercising was the best because I would go on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights to watch Big Brother. It really was a great way to spend my night. I started to shed pounds quick too. Freshman 15 who? 

Walking everywhere was the main key to losing weight while at VCU. I ate two meals a day, cause honestly, who has time for breakfast in the morning? I had my emergency clementines in my bag just in case I was hungry. Like I said, I’d go to the gym three nights a week and even on Friday and Saturday nights when students were partying, I was getting lean and mean. By the time the semesters were over, I think I’d roughly dropped ten pounds.. could be more, could be less, but who’s counting anyway.

That being said, I lost more weight walking around VCU than I ever had at home doing jumping jacks and crunches. But now that we have a treadmill, I’m trying to go on it every day for 25-30 minutes, burn at least 100 calories, and reach a mile.

Not only do I want to be thinner with this weight loss goal, but I want to be healthier. My eating habits aren’t something to brag about. But I’m really going to try eating more greens and less non healthy fats. Because now that I have a personal kitchen only shared with three other girls and the gym only being a couple blocks away, I know I can reach my goal. 


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