I spy..

I like looking around my room at night for inspiration for my next blog. FreshmanFeat isn’t only about my school life which is only a part of this blog. FreshmanFeat / SeekingSophomore is just about me and it’s sole purpose is for reflection and memories. 

Tonight in my room I spy an illustration of 20+ apples drawn in Prisma colored pencils. The assignment was to pick a photo of a natural landscape of any kind, as long as there are major details. I knew I didn’t want to use the typical tree or mountain range, so I grabbed a photo my mom took of bright red delicious apples at a nearby orchard and decided to sketch the beauties. 

What we did to our photos was draw a grid on them and as we drew a grid on a much larger piece of paper, we used the smaller photo as a guide. Connecting the lines in each grid made it hard to look exactly like the picture, but in a full art class’s time, I finished the outline of the batch of apples. I would say it took two weeks to finish the illustration. I remember I had to buy two extra prisma color pencils of black and poppy red because I had sharpened the others to a tiny unusable nub. 

As a senior in high school, we could enter two works of art into the end of the year Art Festival and OF COURSE I had my apples as one of my entries. And guess what?

I won first place.

And in case you were wondering what was with the white face paint and hideous makeup was doing on my face.. well not only was I a featured artist at the festival, but also a mime! And here I am holding one of my delicious looking first place winning apples. Bon apetit!

apples pls

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