SeekingSophomore — Year II @ VCU

It seems like it’s been FOREVER since my last post. Actually, it’s only been 6 months. BUT, with that being said, my second year at VCU is slowly approaching. I am no longer the frightened freshman I was last year, but a seeking sophomore, encouraged to embrace opportunities VCU and it’s lifestyle has to offer. Being a Journalism major with a concentration in Broadcast, this means getting my name and reputation established by writing an article or two for The Commonwealth Times or auditioning for the fall play. I just want my name to be known so that I can make the most of the money I’m shelling out to live and learn here.

But for now, it’s summertime, which means sun and fun and sleeping in. The first day of school is approximately five weeks away. What this actually means is I have five weeks left of lounging around the house, skyping with my boyfriend (see farther down the page) and learning how to cook, before it’s 7 am and I’m waking up in the morning, getting fresh and going down the stairs to class (but not before I get my bowl and cereal 😉 ).

Woah.. almost got sidetracked there.. NOW BACK TO SUMMER. My vacation has consisted of:

  • two family road trips driving along the East Coast
  • working will call downtown  with my dad
  • catching flicks with my main BFF, T
  • babysitting my sister who is old enough to watch herself…kinda
  • and late night Skype calls with my boyfriend, N.

Ah.. my boyfriend. Our two month will be on the 24th and to celebrate I wish we could go on a dinner date with a round of mini golf. Last month we watched Frozen on my TV. If you hadn’t figured it out yet, we are a LDR (long distance relationship). He’s in Canada and I’m in the U.S. We met and befriended each other online (N and I), but at the moment I was already head over heels for someone else, B.

This “other guy” was someone I also met online, who was also from Canada and was four years older than me, but despite it all, he and I had been talking for almost 6 months and we were best friends, except I had a big crush on him. N had kept asking me how I could even remotely like B when I’ve never seen his face or heard his voice, whereas I had had a face to face conversation with N over Skype. N, and a few other friends had to intervene with my clouded infatuation of this guy I had never seen before, and suggest that B could possibly be a catfish ( a person who pretends to be someone else over the internet or a person who creates a fake profile, with a fake picture, to pretend to be someone/something they are not). 

My friends were just trying to protect me, even if these accusations hurt my feelings. N was the leader of the intervention. He cared and loved for me so much that he didn’t want to see me waste my time on a person that was lying to my face. Even though none of them wanted me hurt, they knew it was inevitable if their accusations were right. I tested their ideas and I told B that if I couldn’t see a picture of himself holding a sign with my name on it, I couldn’t trust him. And guess what? He never delivered. We dug around even more to come to a not so solid, but what we thought was really the answer conclusion, as to who B was: a girl B had as his sister on Facebook, was really the person I was talking to the whole time, and that she was pretending to be the sister to this imaginary man.

N and my friends consoled me, and I thanked them even if I still felt like the biggest idiot for falling for someone I’d never met.However, N was there to talk to me every day when I was done with my final class and we would Skype and forget about the past nuances and just talk and enjoy each other. It was then I realized that N had saved me from wasting my time, falling for a girl posing as an imaginary figure. And I could never thank him enough.

I mean.. I guess I could thank him in kisses and hugs. Because we got together three months later when he flew down to the states to meet me for the first time with an internet connection not required. It was one of the happiest moments of all my life to see my best friend walk out of the flight terminal and meet me by the airport lobby’s tacky gift shop and Chili’s. We spent five days together and as we ascended to the top of the Windseeker at Kings Dominion, it was there that he asked me to grant him the honor of being my boyfriend and I his girlfriend.

And I said yes.

He’s coming back this August for  my birthday, and we will spend 11 days together before who knows how long and I’m totally stoked. LDRs are hard. But with all the drama behind us, and the love and friendship and fun between us, it’s all worth it.

N will be one of the last sweet things of summertime freedom before I’m stuck at university. But with an anticipatory class schedule, a new dormitory and room all to myself, and a year’s worth full of new opportunities lying ahead of me.. I’m ready to move to the next big step in my life: Sophomore year.


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