Blogging is the new Partying

I should be at a party right now. Standing around with high school buds, holding a plastic cup of sparkling apple cider in my finest holiday dress, rehashing 2013…I should be partying. Right? I’m an eighteen year old college freshman; it sounds like the perfect scenario to be in to for a party on New Year’s Eve. I can imagine it. Crowding around a high definition TV watching the ball drop in New York City and counting down to those last seconds.TEN! Everyone would be wearing cheesy 2014 glasses from Wal-mart and readying their paper horns. SEVEN! We would all be smiling, staring at the screen. FIVE! Someone would rush out from the bathroom asking if they missed the ball dropping. THREE! Happiness would be at an all time high. ONE! We all wish for a better new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Horns whistling, cheers, and the magical New Year’s kiss (and if I was lucky enough, I’d be joining in on this tradition as well.) However..

I’m at home with both my parents asleep, my twelve year old sister buzzed on Diet Dr. Pepper and cupcakes, and my BBFL, Taylor, sending me Snap chats of how boring her night is.
I spent my last day of 2013 sleeping in until 11 AM, playing Adventure Time Monopoly with my sister and watching Adventure Time on Netflix, all while snap chatting Taylor, and texting my best friend in Canada. Today has been pretty boring. Should 2013 have ended at a party with all my friends from high school, standing around in a hot basement with Food Lion brand cider, and watching everyone share a kiss except for me? Maybe. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a New Year’s Eve party, but hey, maybe next year.

Based on this, my resolution for you: I’m going to make friends. What I really mean: I’m going to make close friends in college, create strong relationships, and not stay in my room every weekend on the computer. I’m going to be bold. I’m going to be memorable. I’m going to be invited to a party before freshman year ends.

Also, I should probably work towards getting my license.

Here’s to 2014.


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