It’s Never to Late to Pickup Where I Left Off..

In five days, I will have fully been a VCU student for five months. It’s December and it’s the last few days of Finals. Monday I face my Math 141 final exam at 1 PM and have learned that I cannot, in no way possible, receive an A in the course, which blows. But to earn a B, I have to earn a 64% or higher on the exam, so that’s fair, I guess. Then when 10 PM rolls around, I will be packed and ready to leave VCU for two weeks and be back in the good ol’ nest and the queen sized bed. 

Here, have a list of my accomplishments, or things I thought deserved to be known:

  • I’m a Floor Representative for the Rhoads Hall Council
  • I compared a book we read in class to Psycho and was recognized by the professor
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays AKA CanesHop with John and later on Ashley
  • Saw two movies at the Commons Theatre: Psycho with Monica and Sixteen Candles by myself
  • Went to Carytown twice: Once with Tails and the other with Ashley. Both times my feet hurt after.
  • Lost a considerable amount of weight from what I used to be five months ago
  • Never had food poisoning (think I just jinxed it)
  • Caramel Macchiatoes from Starbucks: Good the first time, Nasty the last three times.
  • Spent half of my semester dinners with my Dad getting rid of the school’s stupid meal plan
  • Gained a best friend
  • –here is where I’ll put “Survived First Freshman Semester” after I kill Monday’s exam–


That’s all folks!


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