6; First Day?! No way.

So far my day has started out like any other. I wake up. But what was the different was the room. My roommates were gone, beds made. That was a major signal that classes have started. But today I had only one class so I could sleep in later than usual. Which was nice. I woke at 9 and immediately went to the shower. I figured out that if you let the water run for about three minutes, it instantly gets hot. If I could go back in time five days ago I’d tell my self to wait the three minutes instead of suffering hypothermia in a shower. I returned to my room to find one of my roommates on her bed with her laptop. I was surprised that she was there, but had to remind myself that it is class day, and people have breaks between them. But I was in my bathrobe, so that was kind of uncomfortable. I was looking forward to dressing in my room by myself and have that freedom of being naked. But that all changed as I collected my clothes and scuttled back to the showers and the changing room. I chose to dress in jeans, my pink umbrella flats, and the Spit For Science t-shirt. I said goodbye to her and walked out with my backpack full of books and this laptop. 

The first place I went was the part time job fair. I got a name tag and I signed in. Nothing really happened there. It was kind of boring. A lot of the interesting jobs were federal work study, and since I didn’t have that, I couldn’t go to the table. The ones I did look at was Snag A Job and Panera. There is a Panera Bread right behind the dorm I live in and any time I have a shift, I can easily walk back to at night since I’m literally a block away. The highlight of the experience was the bright orange sunglasses I got from Snag A Job. Orange is my favorite color, so that was the main reason I snagged them. 

So, during the fair I was really hungry. I went downstairs to the commons eating area. There they have a Chick-fil-a, Subway, a stir fry joint Nao and Zen, and Pizza Hut.  Sounds glorious right? Well, it is. But at VCU there are a few ways to pay for this glorious food. The Swipes/Block Plan: After a certain time, swipes can be used at a location for a small meal instead of money. Dining Dollars: I don’t really know what this is. I know I used it at Starbucks to buy a muffin. So it’s like money for dining. Rambucks: Money that I think can be used on anything you want to purchase, as long as it’s VCU sponsored. Well I didn’t know about the certain times. Well I did, but not each individual restaurant’s times. So I go to Nao and Zen because I see they have a meal exchange: one swipe for a bowl of rice and chicken and a drink. I was thinking it was a pretty good deal given that most people run out of Dining Dollars and Rambucks before they do Swipes. I’m in line and the lady asks for my name, she writes it on the bowl and fills it with rice. Then she asks me what I want. I say I want to do the meal exchange thing. Then everyone in the line erupts saying that they don’t start excepting swipes until after 2 pm. I realize I can’t get out of line. You know, I probably could have, but I’m not very aggressive or anything, and I kind of wanted to try it. Most of all I think I didn’t want to be embarrassed and everyone thinking I was a stupid freshman not knowing the times. But seriously, they need to write that up on the menu or something. And I think that they want to get more money. So a sign will never be put up. The meal was $8. I sat down at a two person booth and pulled out my laptop, because yet again, I had no one to sit with.  I pulled up WordPress and started typing my day. Which is what you see now.  Of course, I’ll type more later when something exciting actually happens like my first class of the day which is at 3. The stir-fry was good. The sauce I chose, Teriyaki, was really sweet but that’s okay, cause sweet things rock. But it made me really thirsty. I have water, but it’s just not the same quenchiness like soda. I still have a lot left. But I’ll finish every forkful. Cause hey, I paid $8.


After lunch, I decided to pack up and head back to my dorm. My feet were killing me. Note: don’t choose flats if you plan to walk around campus. Only choose flats when it’s necessary to look cute or if you are going to a party or if the destination is really, really close. I was finally home and since I did not have a class for 3 hours I decided to mess around on my laptop. I spent all three of those hours on the internet. It was finally 2:40 pm, which meant it was time to leave to get to my classroom. I stopped by the Commons though to go to the bathroom. However, that made me late. That and the stir-fry. I was lost. And it’s stupid because I knew which building to go into, but when I saw that the time was 2:55, I panicked. I ran by the building and found myself near the gym and the life science building. I must have read the map wrong. So I get back into the Grace Building to find that, yet again, I’m in the wrong building. A nice young man saw that I was panicking and he asked if I were lost and gave me directions. I was grateful that he was there. I finally found the class and everyone’s head turned but the teacher’s and she kept talking. I saw one kid from my high school in the class, so maybe we could be study buddies. I left math hoping I could talk to the guy but he was nowhere in sight. It’s like he disappeared.

I made my way back to the dorms and I changed into an american flag tank and high school shorts. I was hot. It is hot in the dorms. At around 7, I went to eat at Croutons, Salads, and Wraps, and got a chicken wrap with onions, lettuce, cucumbers and almonds with an italian dressing. In the words of my father, ‘It wasn’t that bad’. I’d eat there again. And it was also good because they accept swipes all day. After I consumed my wrap, I headed to the gym to exercise and watch Big Brother. I mean seriously, what’s better than watching a show you love and losing weight at the same time?

At 10 pm, I left the gym and found myself at Rhoads Hall at 10:10 pm. I took a shower, changed into pjs, packed my bag for tomorrow, and sat on my bed with my laptop. Classes tomorrow are English and International Studies. Should be alright. First class though is at 9 am. So really, I should be asleep right now. That would be best. But one more thing, an asian kid popped his head into our room and asked if he could see the view. Sure. Three other guys followed him and they said our view was fresh. And really, it is. The view is pretty awesomely fresh.


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