Looking at the events that were scheduled for today, I set my alarm for 7:30 last night. But when I woke up and checked my phone it was 8:00. Sleepy Sam must have turned it the alarm off in a sleep haze and forgot to warn Sam with Plans today that they put the phone to snooze. I was planning to participate in the Fun Run/Walk, walk being the key word here, to get a yellow ticket. I decided to just get changed and skip the shower since I’d be sweaty after the walk and I could just wash away the sweat later. But of course, I didn’t know where this building was that we were meeting up in. And after checking another map, I figured out that I had passed it. I turned around, went up the little steps, signed in, and stood in a room with four other girls. About 7 other people showed up and we all split into groups depending on if we wanted to run or walk. Only 3 girls wanted to run. We walked to the Hollywood Cemetery. If you’ve ever been there, you’d know there are hills. We walked about four hills and of course four hills back. It was exhausting. I’m pretty sure I was the only chubbish girl there. Everyone else was either totally ripped or skinny or just in the middle. I also had to pee. I’m not sure if you know this, but it’s kind of REALLY WRONG if you pee in public, especially on a graveyard. So I saved it until we got to the gym, which was the stopping point for the event. I got my yellow ticket and decided to take a tour which was the only way to get another ticket. I already knew my way around the gym, but honestly, I didn’t know a couple of the rooms inside of it. They have class rooms, cycling courses, stretching rooms, and weight rooms. BTW, this gym cost 1 or 3 billion dollars to build and furnish with equipment (or was it million?)

I went on a library tour to gain a purple ticket. The tour was typically boring but I never noticed how hi-tech the place was. At the end of the tour, the guide handed out slips of signed paper saying I was on the tour. So, naturally, I went downstairs to collect a ticket and the lady said that the event wasn’t one that gave them out. And I told her that the tours were in the Welcome Week books and it had a ticket next to the name of it. And she inspected the book and told me that Purple meant that the event was an Academic Program. I knew that already, just give me my ticket I was thinking. But, being the spineless girl I am, I said OK and left. 

Next stop: Understanding Blackboard– A green ticket event. This wasn’t something that I thought was going to be an easy quick seminar. I actually have to use blackboard for four of my classes and I need to understand how to use it. Bb’s kind of like Google Docs, just so you are caught up in the 21st century of school and technology and communication.  So that was that, and it was boring. At the end of the lecture, the man said he had only 30 or so tickets. With that being said, 39 people raced down the steps, including me, to snag a ticket for themselves. The man skipped me twice before giving me my deserved ticket. +1 green!

Next event you might ask? The Get Involved: Student Media–Orange ticket this time. This showcased all student run media ranging from the student newspaper, The Commonwealth Times, to the radio station WCVW. I didn’t have any questions, I just wanted to sign up and get the ticket. I put my name down for three organizations, the CT, the radio station (which may I add the representative didn’t look too happy to be there), and the literary journal. +1 Orange Ticket!

Outside of the Commons, where the last two events were held, was the Diversity fair. There was a table of t-shirts, drawstring bags and bottles. Of course, I missed out on all the freebies. But that’s okay, because I have about four shirts already. 

Speaking of shirts, I got a new one tonight at 7:00 at the gym. It was Rec Night full of unusual sport events like Water Polo and Dodgeball. Also I got a yellow ticket. I waited in line for the shirt, it wasn’t that long of one, and the shirt read BE FIT on the front, and a bunch of little doodles of different ways to exercise on the back. I went upstairs to the ellipticals and treadmills and took a treadmill. I ran/walked half a mile. Then I decided I wanted to leave before Big Brother aired at 8, but first I waited in line for Sweetfrog coupons. I was standing waiting and saw a yellow ticket on the ground, YAY! The Sweetfrog coupons are a dollar off each purchase, and I got nine of them, so that’s nifty. Wanna know what’s not nifty? Almost having a heart attack. So, I was cycling and watching Big Brother at the same time because they had CBS on the TV in front of me. Big Brother was intense, though, so I was all caught up in it. The show ends, it’s 9 o clock and I decide it’s time to hit the road. But I can’t. Because I think my bag has been stolen. And my heart drops because my wallet is in there with $30 and about 15 raffle tickets in it. All of that hard work slipping down the drain. I went down to the help desk and they didn’t seem to worried, and when the helper came to the lockers I told her my code and she tried a couple times and then I felt like a dumb snake. My bag was on the opposite side of the wall that we had been searching. So, yeah, I was really scared. +2 yellow tickets! +1 t-shirt!

After the intense workout, I was hungry. I didn’t have any dinner and I pigged out at Shafer Court which is basically a buffet. I returned to Rhoads hall safe and sound. I unwound, took that nasty bra off, and collapsed into bed, which is now why I am talking and writing this to you now. And I am super tired. Classes start tomorrow and I laugh at everyone cause I only have 1 class, but it’s math, and my calculator is at home, so, that kind of sucks. But it’s at 3. And you just can’t beat that time.


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