4; RAMified

This Tuesday excursion was brought to you by Wells Fargo, the place where I’ll be paying the student bills.

This morning I went to the gym. I “ran” a mile on the treadmill, had trouble with my locker as always, and investigated the ladies locker room.

I went into my room after the gym. It was about 10 ish and the next event I wanted to attend was at 12:30, so I had time to kill. My roommates came up and invited me to lunch, but at that time it was already 12. I wanted to be there at 12:15 because the first 500 to attend would get a free t-shirt. So because I had only 15 minutes left, I walked with them and planned to break off. They ate Chipolte and I  got a smoothie at Panera. I waved goodbye and walked towards the Commons room where the event was held. And in turn, I got my t-shirt. There I also got to meet professors representing the school of Mass Communications. One of them I talked to for about 12-15 minutes and he gave me his card and told me to keep in touch (which was kind of awesome because I want to be a Journalism major). There was a raffle and I didn’t win any of the prizes but I did score a purple Welcome Week ticket.

Welcome week tickets are important because if you get at least two of each color you can be eligible to win free tuition for the spring semester. My count so far:
4 Purple Tickets
2 Red Tickets
1 Orange Tickets
1 Green Tickets
2 Yellow Tickets

After the Mixer, I went to an old gym’s basement for Spit for Science. It’s a DNA thing and you get paid $20 and get a free t-shirt! But it was in a cold grey leaky basement. Sounds creepy right? Well it kind of was. And I went to it for nothing. They told me I couldn’t do the experiment because I hadn’t taken the survey yet. So I rushed back to my hall, waited an eternity for an elevator, and started the survey which was 30 pages long. Aaagh. Finally, I finished the survey, went back to the abandoned gym, and received my first $10. For the second $10, I had to spit into a test tube that would hold about 20 ml of spit. It was actually really hard to create an abundance of saliva and spit it into a tube. Then I got the remaining $10 and left happy and a bit more richer.

Then it was time for Convocation, the initial welcome from the staff and also a bunch of long, boring speeches. But hey, got another free t-shirt, which makes my free t-shirt count total to four. I was put next to an Indian man who did not look like a freshman, but was. The VCU pep band were the highlight of the meeting. They were really entertaining. However, the speakers weren’t. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I was nodding off during the second guy’s speech; I didn’t even know who he was. Then the infamous author of the summer book we had to read stepped to the podium. His book, Salt Sugar Fat, is about the food industries and how they make their food, how each bite of the snack makes you want more, and how much the industries love salt, sugar, and fat. During the speech however, he tossed free fatty foods in to the crowd. So that was something.

Finally the boring speeches were over and we all took a picture wearing our free VCU t-shirts. We left the building and participated in the 6th annual Ram Walk. We walked Broad Street all the way to Monroe Park where we were greeted with macaroni colored glasses saying VCU DINING. (ironic, hehe.) I decided to go back to my room to change before I got food or freebies because I was wearing two shirts. One black on top and a white one underneath and a tank top to add to it. I was hot. Really hot. So I changed, which ended as a bad idea, because when I finally got to the park, it was packed full of people. And the food lines? Forget it, they were long. But after scoping the park, I found the shortest line and stuck with it. It took about 15 minutes waiting for food. The hot dog and hamburger bins had to be replaced twice before I even got any. I escaped from the line with a hamburger, hot dog, and a greek cucumber tomato onion salad with WAY too much dressing. And the abundance of dressing made my buns soggy, so I had to eat my meat breadless. I ate by myself at the tables outside of the dormitory buildings, not seeing anyone I know. Which is fine, I had time to figure out my night.

Speaking of my night, I went to a Welcome Week Event “Mosaic Comedy Bazaar” to get a red ticket. It had already started and I was late. Because I ran into some friends from my high school and talked to them for ten minutes or so. It was nice seeing a familiar face. The comedy bazaar was actually about race and diversity, every skit was about diversity. It’s not that I felt uncomfortable, but more like tricked. I thought it would be a nice load off and a laugh but it was actually kind of dark. At the end they ordered for a discussion and open questions of your thoughts and feelings of the performance, and everyone who spoke were so profound and wise and educated. I spoke about how afraid I was on the streets of Richmond and how when people see any African American person on the street they immediately cross the street to the other side. It also contributes to gender. If I were a man, I’d walk on which ever street I want, but because I’m a lady, I want to be safe and steer clear. I blamed media. Which is kind of awkward because I want to be a journalist, so I feel like I have to disprove the stereotypes.

The end of the night resulted in watching the last four acts of AGT and watching Teen Wolf on the computer. Don’t even get me started on TW. I would write such a long post on it. Like this one actually. Sorry about the long post guys, college is just so exciting! And I did a lot today. I also talked to my Mom for about 55 minutes. That was nice. Everyone said hi.

And on this day, we were infinite and fully RAMified.


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