3; Mommy Monday

After my family abandoned me a couple days ago, I was excited to see Monday had rolled around. You might ask “Monday? Why that? Mondays suck.” Well, you silly goose, my mom spent the day with me. It literally was a Mommy Monday.

Mom and I had started our day with Einstein Bagels; chocolate chip for me, whole grain for her. Oh, and I got a hot chocolate. And if you have had their hot chocolate before, you would know how godly it tastes. After breakfast, we went to Target to pick up last minute college stuff that I needed and didn’t have at home. We bought some food, thin cork boards, and other things that I can’t remember. Once we left Target, we went to my room and settled our stuff away. She also brought me a bunch of clothes and things I had forgotten from home. Once that was done, we went for lunch at a place called The Village Cafe and it was such a quaint, viking style bar tavern restaurant. I recalled it as a “Cheers” restaurant. I got a giant delicious burger and Mom got a chicken salad sandwich. We both really liked our meals. 

Our stomachs were full of food and fun. We walked to the Library for a festival they were having. We entered a raffle for an iPad mini, I scored some comic books and free swag, and we burnt off the bread of our sandwiches in calories. 

It was finally time for mom to leave. It was sad and sad and sad. I don’t like leaving her. We both have to cope without the other, since we are both engaging changes we may or may not want but will get anyways.

Either way, I loved spending time with her and I wish I could do it every Monday. Heck, every day. 


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