I did not have Internet connection Sunday (the second day of college). If I did, you’d be reading my third day of college right now. And because I didn’t have Internet all day today, I kind of forgot what happened yesterday.


I remember we had a floor meeting. It was kind of funny. One side of the 18th floor was full of white people and the other black or Indian, and then there’s me. Don’t get me wrong. All these girls are really nice; I don’t care what race or color they are. So we had a floor meeting and that took about an hour. Then we had to attend a comedy show about sex, alcohol, and drugs. I sat in the front, thinking it would score me a T-shirt, but really all it did was make me feel uncomfortable seeing the speaker put a condom on the microphone and saying it looked like a little elf’s hat. I don’t think I can look at Keebler Elves the same ever again. Forget about the ones at the North Pole. After the show however, there was a chance to get a free t-shirt if you took a picture with a printout ram that represented lifestyles in VCU whether it be the Smart Ram, the Athletic Ram, the Party Ram. I took a picture with the Smart Ram and got the free t-shirt, but in the end had to pay a small price. What that means is that when I left the building, my group was nowhere to be found. It was like they had just dispersed. I live in the city and city + night + rapists and killers and thieves and muggers probably on the loose, doesn’t mix well with me. So naturally, I was petrified. I found a group of girls who seemed to have a sense of direction, unlike me, so I followed them. What I didn’t know was that they were leading me towards the gym, which was the opposite direction. Once I figured that out, I sighed and turned around and worked my way back on the path I use to get to the gym. Finally from working my way back, I made it to my building thankfully.


Right now, I’m dead set tired. Type tomorrow. good night all

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