Today was move in day. We arrived at VCU at 9:08 and the line was expectantly long. The amount of luggage people brought was expectantly large. The only thing that wasn’t expectant was the cramped Triple I claim as my dorm. My bed is closest to the two windows, which is good. I get an incredible view of the city and the park.  The TV is right next to my bed and I won’t be able to see it unless I lay by the foot of the bed. Oh well. Who needs TV when you have two other roommates to entertain you?

After I settled in and unpacked and dormified my room, my family and I went out to eat and shop for necessary last minute items. We ate at Wendy’s and I got the pretzel burger (which is so good by the way) but forgot to take off the cheese sauce (which tastes like nasty cheese sauce in a can.) My mommy went back to the counter and fixed it for me cause I was still her little baby girl. And that made me kind of sad, because no one will fix my sandwiches for me when something is put on it that I don’t like. I’ll have to do it all on my own. D:

We went to Target and bought a nice grey chair cushion thing, some toiletries, food, and misc. We came back to my building and had to wait in the line AGAIN, because climbing the stairs would literally have been like climbing Mt. Everest (if Mount Everest were only 249 steps. But seriously, 249.) I opened my door and to my surprise my roommates were sleeping. Well one of them was, the other was actually an Aunt or Mom or someone. So we had to be really quiet.

Then we left again to walk around the park. They had a Titanic themed bouncy air slide, a weird jumping contraption that made you feel like Peter Pan, and a American Warrior knock the other player off the stand with a foam noodle pen. We got free things like buttons and pins, deals and offers and persuasions, but the best free thing? The Segway training course. My dad, sister and I mounted them and they rode it like it was their day job. Me? I was rocking back and forth and afraid I’d wipe out and get run over by the rampant Segway. Seriously, if you let it go, it will zoom away from you and run wild. I decided to get off, but when I did, guess what happened. It spewed off into a different direction, causing mayhem. I tried to catch it and it eventually hit a curb and collapsed to the ground. With an embarrassing look on my face, I inched away it like I had just dropped a glass vase and pretended like I had nothing to do with it.

It finally came around to 5:30 and I embraced Mom and Dad and Sis. Even though they are an hour away, it felt like I was across the pond. I went to dinner at the dining hall with a friend I met through the facebook group. She was supposed to be my roommate, but the school’s housing department kinda never put us together, hence her single and my triple. I got a salad that I made way too vinegary, a slice of cheese pizza that was kind of limp but good, and a chocolate chip muffin. When Mom reads that she might just send me a text message along the lines of ” you should have eaten more than that. With that meal plan you should be eating like a king in there”. After that we went to the Barnes and Noble school bookstore and she traded in a shirt that she ordered that was ripped for a brand new one, free of charge. We said our goodbyes at her building and it was fine since mine was right across the street. Of course, the line for the elevator was again freakishly long. So what did I decide to do?

I walked 249 steps. I live on the top floor. Penthouse. Yeah, right. But eighteen floors? Oh no. But I kept going. I stopped at a couple floors and tried to use the elevators, but they must’ve denied it or had a setting where no one could use it from the floor. So yeah. I climbed 249 steps and when I finally made it to my floor I wheezed YES! I was really sweaty. My forehead was wet and my armpits, I admit, smelled kind of unnatural. I’m not used to this type of physical labor. That made me sound kind of out of shape.  Would you like to climb 249 steps for fun?

So now here we are. In my room. All alone. The girls aren’t here. The door is open for any floor-mates to stop by and introduce themselves. And if they decide to come in they’ll see my frizzy hair and Animal Planet on the TV and the Finn the Human pillow I have on my bed.

Now the only thing left to do tonight is to find the strength of switching from a Queen to a Twin long bed. And the fact that I have no kitty to sleep with me.


One thought on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. my baby had no elevator :(. btw, Olive climbed into your bed last night but when she realized it was me in there and not you she hit the road.

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