College Bound

I’m packing for college. It’s weird and bittersweet and just plain weird. My bags are on my bed among with eight plastic coat hangers, shower caddy, a phone charger and towels. I don’t know what else to take, so if anyone has any advice, now would be the time for that. c: I won’t be more than an hour and a half from my house and my family, but being by myself is a real leap. I’ve never gone to sleep away camp; I couldn’t bear to be apart from my family for two weeks. (That was when I was 12 ish 13, so, that’s okay) But now? I need to “grow up” and try to have new experiences. Of course, I’m still going to be my childish self and I might just call my parents each day. But I know once I get used to the city life, those daily calls will diminish to weekly, but definitely not to monthly. That’s just crazy.

So yep, I’m bushy eye-d and college bound….Saturday really. That’s move in day. Now that will be crazy. I know one thing for sure- my feet will surely hurt tomorrow.


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